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Funtional and stylish wooden boards made from Teak Roots harvested from all across Java. 


Due to its delicate nature, each piece has been carefully hand finished and transformed into beautiful and functional wooden boards for your home.  


Perfect use for cheese / cutting board or simply as an accent decor piece for your home and space. 


Material: Teak Root 

Finish: Non-Toxic & Food Safe 

Sizes Available: S (L 30cm +/- ), M( L 40cm +/-), L (55cm +/-) 


*Please note that size and shape varies due to its natural form. No two pieces are the same. 




'JIWA' means soul in Bahasa Indonesia. We believe the soul of nature begins from its roots. Let us bring  Nature's soul into your home and space. 


JIWA Rustic Board

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