9 Michelin Star Restaurants You Must Eat At In Singapore

9 Michelin Star Restaurants You Must Eat At In Singapore

What to eat in Singapore? From hawker centres and cafes to eateries and restaurants, Singapore’s food scene has always been dynamic and creative. Hallmarked by the famous Michelin Star award - a global benchmark for prestigious food - a few restaurants and eateries tend to stand out from others.

In this blog, we wish to feature and congratulate those establishments that not only make daily strides in delivering outstanding cooking but also having an unwavering passion to enhance their customer’s dining experience to the finest detail with their crockery, interior design pieces, and even custom-made pieces essential for the restaurant's operational system. These Singapore restaurants have an existing Michelin Star ranging from one to three and they offer a unique dining experience unmatched by others.

Kraton Home, your everyday online retail store to buy all wooden things, has worked with the restaurants above in elevating diners' experience. In addition, KH has also expanded to their custom work designs which falls under their ‘Studio’ concept where they work closely with some of the big names in the F&B industry to further create bespoke pieces …

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9 Michelin Star Restaurants You Must Eat At In Singapore - Odette Restaurant
Source: Odette Restaurant

For a classy, French dining experience worthy of three Michelin Stars, head over to Odette in National Gallery Singapore. This is where every ingredient has its place and purpose, and is treated with the utmost care to highlight its purest flavours. Run by Chef Julien Royer, the young Frenchman sources the highest quality products from specialist artisans across the world – from Europe to Asia and Australia. Beyond creating his signature pigeon dish with seasonal garnishes, he also serves unique combinations of the freshest French dishes with occasional Japanese touches.

Top honours: Three-Michelin Star / Ranked No. 2 in Asia’s Top 50


Singapore is definitely a food-lover's country. It’s known for its Chinese-inspired noodles, Malay curry, crisp-chewy roti prata and, of course, Sri Lankan cuisine. Cloudstreet, inspired by Sri Lanka-born and Australia-trained chef-owner Rishi Naleendra and his wife Manuela Toniolo, is a paradise full of tantalising treats and flavours. Their signature dish of Western Australian marron served in a thick pool of Sri Lankan yellow curry flecked with millets and topped with celery and fennel is exemplary of the restaurant’s culinary philosophy. If you’re lucky enough, you might get served by its famous sommelier who will then bring you a drink menu that boasts some 400 labels of mostly old-world bottles.

Top honours: One-Michelin Star / Ranked No. 31 in Asia’s Top 50

Burnt Ends

Expertly weaving modern Australian flavours into their dishes, their menu is skilfully creative and written daily: from rosemary-imbued lamb to garlic brown butter-laced king crab; these are all prepared in an open concept kitchen with a custom four-tonne, dual cavity oven and four elevation grills. But, wait a minute, what’s even more impressive is the kitchen is mostly dominated by chef-owner Dave Pynt, who also won the Chefs' Choice Award in 2017. Overall, Burnt Ends is a wonderful experience if you believe there is magic that comes from cooking with wood.

Top honours: One-Michelin Star / Ranked No. 14 in Asia’s Top 50


Opened in 2014, Labyrinth’s one-of-a-kind menu is a treat for the senses. Using 90% locally sourced ingredients, delicious flavours and age-old recipes, chef-owner LG Han combines his love for Singapore’s local fare, to create an intriguing neo-Singaporean cuisine. Through the contemporary dishes he creates, he takes guests on a journey across Singapore’s hawker flavours and a taste of the city’s terroir. He completely captures his love for his roots with his cooking and it’s a delight both to see and to eat!

Top honours: One-Michelin Star / Ranked No. 40 in Asia’s Top 50