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Where your imagination is just the beginning

As Kraton Home continues to transform its business, we reaffirm our commitment to “crafting beautiful and personalised woodenware that are ethically made and are less harmful to the environment, with a new aim to design distinguished crafts guided by your imagination”.   


This transformation marks an important milestone in KH’s history, and extends the role Kraton Home can play in providing the highest standards of service to its clients, through working hand-in-hand with them to design personalised woodenware based on their imagination.


Not only do we aim to add value and creativity into the interior of restaurants, retail outlets, and offices, we are also actively involved in helping private home owners and collectors to achieve the perfect, unique, memorable and the most timeless woodenware pieces.  


KH believes that with the right crafting expertise and knowledge in custom woodenware, we can assist clients in various ways. These include creating bespoke custom design woodenware for brands, businesses, and private collectors as well as providing first class consultancy. 

Who Are We
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Our Services

Interior Decor Pieces, Custom Tableware, Branding / Corporate Souvenirs, Personalised Gifting, Custom Woodenware, Wedding Gifts, Laser Engraving for Wood, Wood Crafts

Purchasing Process

Send us sketches / sample pictures of what you’d want done or speak to our design team to create something for you. No minimum order at great prices. 

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